It's pretty great being a formless, ageless personification of the Planet's dream and all, but honestly, I kind of miss leading you schmucks around by the nose while you're having your little adventures.

And thus, voila. The Bend of Time is open for business again. Make some mischief, would you? I get bored out here, you can only play rock paper scissors with Spekkio so many damn times.

Oh, and, yeah, uh, here, have some Gates too I guess... Any requests? Not that I'm saying I'll grant them.

[[OOC: Welcome to the Bend of Time. ;)

Feel free to reply to this post with your character if you feel like some random crack, or just go start a post of your own and do some RPing. Look for the Entity to be mostly silent, but he/she/it may pop up again once in a while with a fascinating new event or three...]]