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The Bend of Time

a Chrono series Dressing Room RPG

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A dressing room RPG focused on the Chrono game series.
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Welcome to the Bend of Time!

This is a dressing room RPG in the tradition of other well-known games such as the Phoenix Wright Dressing Room, the D.Gray-man Dressing Room, and so forth. Characters from all games in the Chrono series are welcome -- Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers, that random fangame you played last week, anything. Feel free to play straight from canon or the wildest AU, try crazy character ideas on for size, run your choice of plot whether serious or cracky, and just generally make yourself at home.

Where are we?

We're all stranded in the Bend of Time, of course! This hole in timespace connects all the various eras, dimensions, realities, and alternate timelines of the Chrono games. As in Chrono Cross, there are various Gates scattered about that are liable to lead anywhere and everywhere, not to mention everywhen -- you might find yourself back in your familiar old home timeline, or you might end up someplace that's... decidedly elsewhere. If you're stuck for something to do, don't be afraid to hop into a pillar of light and go on an adventure -- you'll always be able to get back to the Bend somehow!

There are also a large number of 'rooms' -- fenced-in platforms floating in the void -- that make up the Bend of Time itself. Some of these contain training halls and places for combat; some contain couches and bookshelves and kitchens and places to relax; many remain completely unexplored. What lies within them is up to the Bend's visitors to discover.


1. No need to apply -- just make a character journal, join, and enter play at any time. Multiples and AU versions of characters are allowed. We suggest you leave some OOC contact info on your journal so people can get in touch with you for plotting.
2. Tag posts with the name of your character so we can find you later!
3. Remember the cardinal rules... IC =/= OOC, no powergaming/godmoding, no metagaming, good spelling and grammar.
4. Wank and drama are prohibited. Keep the comm clean.
5. Warn for adult material and put it under lj-cut.
6. Watch out for the Entity or you might find yourself turned into a newt. ....You'll probably get better?

That said, go forth and have fun! Message that_entity with any questions, problems, concerns, requests, or what have you.

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